Style Guide


Easy breezy


Figuring out your outfit for you and everyone else can be stressful. Here at PSP we've put together some great examples from previous clients to help you get started. 

It's all about complementary colors and matching it to your location! 

Here are some useful tips! 

TIP 1.  Ladies first | That's right, find an outfit for YOU before you find one for everyone else. Your outfit will lay the foundation for all other outfits to follow. You can choose a patterned blouse or dress but if you want to stay on the safe side, we always recommend solid colors! 

TIP 2. Complementary colors | Everyone's outfit will now complement your outfit. Take notes of the outfit you chose and what colors already exist. Pull from those colors first before adding in new ones. If you went with a pattern print then draw colors from the pattern.  Use the samples below to see some color combinations that we found to complement each other. 

TIP 3. Mix & Match | Now that you've chosen multiple colors, it's time to mix and match them! Keep in mind that it's best to mix up the colors for tops and pants. So although it's typical to see families where everyone is wearing the same top, it actually doesn't look that great in our opinion in photos. 

TIP 4. Monochromatic | If you're choosing to go 1 color all the way, disregard TIPS 1, 2, and 3. Monochrome vibes are so chic and one of our favorites! 

Modern prep

Cool Tropics

Summer neutrals

Monochrome classic

Simply neutral

Earthy tones

Neutral + blue








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