There are so many locations to choose from for your next session that sometimes its hard to choose from. This page is here to help you decide which type of location speaks to you! Check out some of the various locations we recommend. 


Find a location that speaks to you! 

Here are some of our favorite locations

If you're looking to do flower fields for your session, be sure to know when the flowers are in season. Most florals bloom during the spring time, such as the one in pictured. We're quite known for chasing flower fields during season so be sure to check out our mini session offerings. We have photographed almond blossoms, lavender fields, sunflowers, and even wild flowers! Choose any of these locations if you love soft romantic vibes, pastel colors, and dreamy views. 

The Beach

There are SO many beaches to choose from but we specifically love ones with lots of fun textures which usually have tide pools! We love beaches for their neutral backdrops and fun dynamic sun set light. Pick this location if you're a beach lover, love golden hues, and don't mind going in for a bit of splash. 

The Flower Fields

Downtown LA is such a fun place to roam around. We love urban photo session because it allows us to be full creative and do some cool compositions. With city locations, we typically try to narrow down 3 different spots within the city to photograph. Choose a fun hip coffee shop, a cool bookstore, epic city views, modern architecture, or just that New York vibe.  Choose this location if you're into modern art, clean compositions, and dramatic wides. 

Local Park

Local parks have so much to offer and depending on the park it brings a new perspective and look! If you love hiking on trails, laid back scenery, some earthy tones, parks are the way to go. There are so many different parks to choose from but depending on the look you're going for we can suggest one for you. Pick a local park location if you like earthy tones, laid back vibes, adventurous and nature loving! 


This may sound initially hard to find but there are so many cool features in Southern California. Check out some fun installations or gardens with cool features! They make such fun unique backdrops, eye catching, and creative poses. One of our favorite locations is just right here in Costa Mesa! Pick this location, if you don't want to deal with LA traffic but still want that urban vibe. 

Architectural buildings

If you fall in love with an architectural building you love, let's photograph it! With beautifully crafted ceilings or columns, architectural buildings give such a different vibe. Whether it be grande hallways or historical ruins, each building has its own characteristic and charm. Pick locations such as this if parks and beaches are not for you, and if you love the unique charm it brings! Many of these buildings are one of a kind and can't always be replicated. 

Art Installations


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