Style Guide

With so many questions of what to wear and what colors look good, we decided its just easier to show you! Of course you don’t have to match exactly to any of these particular sample but we’re hoping this may spark some inspiration for your session! If you’re still unsure, shoot us a message and we’d love to help!



Light + Peachy

Tones of peach and blues makes this an easy piece to put together. Gals can choose to wear subtle florals for an added bonus.

Location: Anywhere!

Olive + Gold

Mixture of beige, pop of gold, and olive makes this a great combo for any location thats not overbearing in colors.

Location: Beach, Mountain vibes, golden rolling hills, urban areas.

Avoid: Parks with clashes of green.

Hipster Denim

Neutral yet bold, this combination plays with contrasting colors to give this a perfect duo for any couple.

Location: Parks, beach, mountain vibes, dessert, golden rolling hills.



Cool Kids on the Block

Dark and grungy with a bit of leather is surprisingly neutral and can work for almost any settings

Locations: urban and dessert vibes.

Classic Maroon

Dark and classy combination with shades of maroon gives it a subtle pop without being too crazy on color.

Locations: Oak canyon trees, old town, mountain, cafe shops.


This hipster and casual look is great for fall snuggle sessions!

Locations: Mountains, desert, Parks.



Mustard Yellow

Summer couldn’t compete with this mustard yellow and light blue pairing.

Locations: Park, Beach

Black Tie

This formal all black attire shouts bold! Works great for couples looking for a classic formal look.

Locations: Downtown/urban, san dunes, blossom trees.

Lady in Red

When you’re looking for something more bold than black, you go with red. Since its so bold, usually the guy should pair it with a more subtle color such as charcoal, black or dark blue.

Locations: Oak Canyon, San Dunes, Golden rolling hills.