Session Locations

There are endless possibilities. As long as it is a location we are allowed to photograph, we WILL do it! We love exploring new locations and are open to adventurous suggestions! If it’s not on here, it just means we need to go!

 Casper’s Wilderness Park , San Juan Capistrano

Overview: Part of the OC state park, it is nestled in the city of San Juan Capistrano among the Santa Ana Mountains. This 8,000 acre wilderness preserve is house to many California Oaks and Sycamore trees. Its terrain and vegetation greatly changes depending on the season with Spring bringing out the most luscious wild flowers and green grass.

Limitations: Parking is $3 (weekdays) and $5 (weekends) per vehicle.

Permit: OC parks permit is required, which is only $10

Little Corona, Corona Del Mar

Overview: Sitting to the left of Big Corona, this small beach is wedged between two rocky reefs which gives it unique characteristics and wonderful tide pool scapes.

Limitations: Must schedule on low tide days and preferably on weekdays or in the winter when it’s less crowded.

Permit: No permit is required, to our knowledge.

Quail Hill Park and Trail, Irvine

Overview: This 2.8 acre trailhead landscape usually features golden rolling hills with green trees and a cute bike trail. Catch this beautiful landmark in the spring time, and you may get pops of wildflowers and prairie like hills.

Limitations: Dirt trails may limit types of shoes to wear. Park may be closed days following rainfall. Update: most grass areas are closed off but not restricted.

Permit: No permit required

ARTIC, Anaheim

Overview: ARTIC which stands for Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center is the modernized train hub station for the city of Anaheim. With its dome shaped and industrial layer, it fills in the inside with beautiful white light during the day and displays a variety of changing neon lights during the night.

Limitation: Since it is a public transportation center, there is a possibility of crowds. Photographing on a weekday or morning or evening sessions on weekends are recommended.

Permit: No permit required, to our knowledge

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Downtown Los Angeles

Overview: Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, this inspiring stainless steel structural is architecturally sound. Its beautiful characteristic comes from its mirror like panels and its curvature appeal.

Limitation: The area is closed off on days for events. Please check concert calendars before scheduling.

Permit: No permit required, to our knowledge.

Heisler Park, Laguna Beach



Store or Restaurant, Any city

Overview: Picking your favorite store or cafe shop is always an option. It is a unique and beautiful way to elevate your love story. I’ve photographed at Target, cafe shops, and even at the laundromat!

Limitation: Permission from the store/shop must be obtained prior to the session. We must take precaution from blocking hallways or aisles during the session.

Permit: Courteous to call the store manager to request permission.

Santiago Canyon, Orange



Permit: OC State Park permit is required, which is only $10

Irvine Regional Park, Irvine

Overview: This park borders between Tustin, Orange, and Irvine which contains oak and sycamore trees along with several ponds throughout the park. Great for family gatherings on a leisurely Sunday. It is also filled with a variety of wildlife which gives this location a family friendly environment and also beautiful shaded scenery perfect for all types of photos.

Limitation: Entry fee is $3 (weekdays) and $5 (weekends) per vehicle. Parking location must be coordinated as it is a large park.

Permit: OC State Park permit is required, which is only $10

Huntington Central Library, Huntington Beach

Overview: As the largest park in Orange County, there are several entry points located on various streets in Huntington Beach. With its tranquil setting of lakes and open grass areas to trees and cherry blossoms, this park provides a dynamic range of textures that can compliment any session.

Limitation: Park is split into two major areas so if you want both types of landscapes, extra driving is required.

Permit: No permit is required, to our knowledge

Destinations, All Around the World

Overview: Take us with you because who says you HAVE to do it in the city you live in?!?! We LOVE to travel and we make awesome travel buddies! We’ve photographed in Canada, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Hawaii, and Australia! Shoot us an email so we can discuss the details!