To all my clients who feel "awkward" / by Lauren Dinh

Being a photographer doesn’t mean I’m always comfortable in front of the camera!”

Believe it or not, I am terrible at having photos taken of myself. Just cause I can direct others on how to stand and pose for a shot, I feel lost when I’m staring at the camera myself. Truth be told, it happens to everyone unless of course you are a model and you’re used to this on a daily basis.

Some of the reasons why we feels “awkward” in front of the camera & what we could do to change that!

(1) You don’t know what you look like. Without knowing how you look IN camera, how will you know what you look like or what you should change! Why do you think we look at ourselves in the mirror when we’re getting ready?!?! Best way to change this is to ask your photographer after a few poses/shots to see the photo on camera! Once you see it, you’ll know exactly change up! As a photographer, I usually show my clients what they look like in camera for this very reason! This way I also know if they don’t like a particular side or not!

(2) We overthink! Goes back to #1, SINCE we don’t know what we look like, we’re constantly thinking that exact thought and secretly hoping that whatever the photographer is telling us to do ACTUALLY looks okay. I always tell my clients to relax and enjoy it! Don’t overthink because once you do, you start to tense up and it shows. Come in with the mentality that you’re here to have fun and let me do the rest!

(3) Self-Confidence. Probably one of the biggest factors is having confidence in yourself. We are our worst critic and we pin point the tiniest of flaws when realistically no one even noticed it to began with. The more we learn to have self-confidence in our own bodies, we will learn to let go of what others might think we look like. I ALWAYS tell my clients how they look! You’ll definitely hear me say “you guys look awesome,” “totally nailed that", “PEEERRFECT!” But again this also goes back to #1, once you see how good you look, it does help boost up some of that self confidence.

(4) Social Media. In the world of social media with instagram, it has somehow created an illusion that people’s lives are perfect and the “I just woke up this way” look. Although having your professional photos taken is a notion to have beautiful perfect images but it’s also about capturing the real you. You have to remember that not every photo you take is going to be amazing but don’t worry because its MY JOB to make sure you guys look your best! I also personally like the candid moments the most So screw the social media norm and just let loose and have fun!

Personally, I deal with everything that’s listed! Which is why I am totally awkward in front of the camera, or at least I feel that way.In fact, everyone feels awkward and it is completely NORMAL! So to encourage positive body image and feeling entirely comfortable in front of the camera, here are some shots of me.