Jay Balanza

Jay is the playful team leader and founder of Playful Soul Photography. As the self titled, Head Photo Ninja Guy (seriously, look at his business card), his sense of humor shows through in every session. With nearly ten years of experience in both film and digital photography, even more than that as a graphic designer in architecture, along with a healthy smattering of traditional art, he makes sure that every photo has that extra flair to take it above and beyond. 

email: jay@playfulsoulphotography.com

Lauren Dinh

Lauren is the other half of the Playful shooter team, serving as Photo Ninja Gal for all portraits and events. Always smiling and never without her camera, she brings the energy and feminine touch to every session. Starting out in front of the camera as a model, she took to photography as easily as breathing, giving her a unique perspective behind the camera. Her experience in weddings, fashion, and planning make her a force to be reckoned with. 

email: lauren@playfulsoulphotography.com

Billie Chow

Billie is the brains of the outfit. Artists are bad at marketing, so preoccupied with their art to do it properly. That is where Billie comes in. As the Senior Northern Marketing and Logistics Ninja , she makes it possible for people to know who we are. Anything from talking to new clients to reconnecting with old, she's the team's one stop shop. With several years of consulting and product management experience, she makes sure the lights stay on.

email: billie@playfulsoulphotography.com